Italian Red Wine

Nero d’Avola

Nero d’Avola

Nero d’Avola, A Real Italian Red

Nero d’Avola wine is produced from the most famous red grape variety cultivated in Sicily. This Italian red wine is most suited to production in the south-eastern area, it is equally at home across the island, and since the 1960s, Nero d’Avola has been used as an element to balance, or accent other local varietals like Alcamo, Mamertino and Salaparuta.

Italian red wine owes homage to the decisive character hidden in these dark clusters. Gifted with resounding structure, Nero d’Avola easily reaches high alcohol content. Its discovery and rebirth is entirely thanks to the ingenuity of its producers. Following the adoption of winemaking techniques capable of breaking down sugars, and increasing acidity, it is now widely available, reaching true notes of excellence.

A number of winemakers are dedicated to its creation, above all in and around the city of Ragusa, specialized in products that have found space on the international market. Its intense ruby color, and richness are combined with a capacity to conserve the aromas of its place of origin. Authentic Mediterranean spice.

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