Italian Red Wine

Dolcetto Wine

Dolcetto Wine

Dolcetto wine, an authentic italian experience

Dolcetto wine is made with one of the most widespread local dark grape varieties used in Italian red wine in the region of Piemonte. The Italian wine it produces is the very symbol of the hilly area known as the Langhe in the province of Cuneo.

The first record of Dolcetto wine dates back to 1593 in a document written for the city records of the town of Dogliani advising farmers not to waste the grapes and to harvest them before they were overly mature. For the people of the locality, Dolcetto wine was key for trade with Liguria, from where they could import olive oil, salt and anchovies. These are the fundamental ingredients in an important recipe originating in the lower Piemontese, the Bagna cauda.

It would seem that the art of working this fruit and enjoying its bounty with food was alive and well nearly 500 years ago, though official acknowledgment for Dolcetto came in 1972, the year in which Dolcetto di Ovada was granted the DOC certification. Today, Dolcetto wine has acquired a fair amount of acclaim, accumulated mostly in the 1970s-80s when production of this wine variety increased notably. Since then, vineyards and volumes have continued to increase, and who can deny the excellence of Dolcetto d’Alba.

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