Italian Red Wine

Cirò Wine

Cirò Wine

Cirò Wine, The Result of Italian Mastery

Cirò wine is undoubtedly the most widely known Italian red wine from Calabria, gaining admirers in Italy and abroad. A product of the sun, and the territory’s clay-like soil, Cirò owes its unique traits to vineyards that are caressed by winds blowing north and south, ideal terrain for structure and elegance, with a broad range of temperatures allowing for slow maturation to develop complex aromas and taste.

Cirò DOC Italian red wine presents a luminous, transparent ruby color with an elegant bouquet full of floral and fruity notes: roses, marasca cherries, red fruit and sweet spices. To the palate, it is well-balanced and fresh, without losing a soft intensity leading to an almond finish. There are red, white and rosé varieties of Cirò wine available on the market, each of which are produced exclusively in the administrative area of the city of the same name.

Cirò wine is the perfect companion for virtually all meats: braised beef, sausages, roasted meat, as well as the spicy recipes so common to the local cuisine, and aged cheeses. The history of Cirò Calabria dates back to the 8th century BC, when Greeks colonized the Punta Alice coast, founding Krimisa where the town of Cirò Marina now stands, and a culture of wine flourishes to the present day.

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