chianti classico

Chianti Classico Wine

Chianti Classico is an exquisite Italian wine produced in the heart of Tuscany. The zone is bordered to the north by Florence, to the east by the hills of the same name, to the south by the city of Siena, and to the west by the Pesa and Elsa valleys. Chianti Classico wine is one of the great wines of Italy, recognized throughout the world by the characteristic black rooster marking its quality and taste.

As soon as the freshly picked grapes arrive after harvesting, they are pressed and the grape must with skins is moved to vats where the fermentation process starts, extending over a period approximately two weeks. During this stage, Chianti Classico acquires its hallmark ruby color, and its uniquely complex bouquet. Then it travels down two distinct paths: That destined for immediate consumption is stored in tanks before bottling, while that set to become the Riserva begins its obligatory 24 months of aging, at least 3 of which take place in the bottle.

As far back as the Middle Ages and Renaissance references can be found expounding the existence of fine wine in Chianti’s idyllic countryside. Exports to England began as early as the 1600s, and since the end of the 1800s Chianti Classico has spread to increase its fame far beyond Italian national borders, making the production area prosper.


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