Italian Red Wine

Brindisi Wine

Brindisi Wine

Brindisi Wine, Taste of the Italian South

Brindisi wine began to spread throughout Italy when the ancient Greeks colonized much of the southern part of the country. Italian red wine from this city in the region of Puglia has always been famous thanks to the characteristics of the soil, and the area’s microclimate. In 1979, the prestigious DOC protected origin was granted to Brindisi wine, establishing contents of 70% Negroamaro, and 30% divided among the Malvasia nera, Montepulciano and Sangiovese grape varietals.

The increasing levels of quality seen recently have brought the consortium of Brindisi winemakers to differentiate their offer. There are now different types with the Brindisi DOC indication: whites, reds, sparkling and rosé. Labels are also obliged to communicate the specific varieties employed, for example Susumaniello.

The ruby-red color of Brindisi leans to orange after aging. It is variable in intensity, with a strong, persistent vinous bouquet. To the palate, it is harmonious and velvety, tannic, slightly tart and dry. Brindisi wine is ideal for pairing: pastas with sauce, fish soups, lamb or cheese.

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