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Barolo Wine, Italian Mastery

Barolo wine is a legend in the pantheon of Italian wine. The ability of this red to ignite passion is a source of pride for its producers, and for the Barolo hills in Piemonte it has made famous.

Among Italian varieties, Barolo wine’s ruby-garnet color, combined with its austere yet robust character, enveloping bouquet, and readiness to endure are a rare combination of traits that have developed using the Nebbiolo grape variety over centuries of cultivation and art. Barolo wine is known as “the king of wines”, and is a masterpiece of Italian winemaking. The DOCG label demands strict limitations on where and how it is produced.

A rigid set of production rules require a minimum aging period of 38 months (62 for the Barolo Riserva), in addition to a maximum output of 8 tons per hectare in a small area of the province of Cuneo with an incredible food and enological tradition.

Barolo wine varies with some bottles stressing the robustness of their tannins, while others are softer and more accessible, requiring less time to enjoy. Barolo is ideal with roasted or braised meats, wild game, truffles and hard cheeses.


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