Italian Red Wine

Amarone Wine

Amarone Wine

Amarone wine, pride of valpolicella

Amarone wine is one of the most sought after masterpieces in the pantheon of Italian red wine. Marked by an intense bouquet of candied fruit, tobacco and spices, Amarone della Valpolicella distinguishes itself for its fruity, dry and full-bodied palate.

The province of Verona is home to Amarone wine and guidelines dictate harvesting of mature grapes, and placing them in a single layer on bamboo, wood or plastic latticing. Placed in well ventilated areas above the cellars, the these clusters rest for 3-4 months, the time necessary for raisining under continuous manual control to avoid the formation of unwanted mold. This procedure highlights the highest quality of raw materials used including their selection on the vine.

The origin of Amarone lies in an error during the process for making the sweet Recioto, which left to ferment too long becomes sour, or “amaro” in Italian.

Amarone wine is appreciated both young and aged, and is ideal for accompanying meat, wild game and hard cheeses. Veronese cooking has a refined risotto all’Amarone, but it is also perfect for meditation, ideally in front of the fireplace following dinner.

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