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Aglianico Wine

Aglianico Wine

Aglianico Wine, Vulture and Beyond

Aglianico wine is nothing less than the symbol of southern Italian red wine. The vine that provides the raw material for some of Italy’s most famous wines first came to the peninsula with the Greeks. The Romans even called Aglianico “Hellenic”, and they used it to improve their Falernum, much loved by the poets of the epoch. In the 15th century, the Aragonese gave it the name it still holds today.

Aglianico wine uses 100% of the varietal to make the de facto IGT in Campania, with aromas of cacao, tobacco and fresh fruit. It is the perfect wine for grilled meats, as well as traditional pasta dishes from the south, like tuna ragù.

Aglianico del Vulture DOCG originates in vineyards near Potenza in Basilicata, the splendid Italian region wedged between Puglia and Calabria. Ruby-brick red in color, with a hint of strawberries in the bouquet, it is dry and harmonious – ideal for roasts.

Taburno (minimally 85% Aglianico) is another Aglianico wine worthy of attention. Especially the Riserva, which conceals in the palate a delicate memory of its time in oak. Its rosé is also a crowd-pleaser for both during meals, and with desserts.

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