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DOC wine, top for quality certification

DOC wine confirms its global dominance, hitting the target of over one billion six hundred million bottles checked by this quality certification. This achievement assures the worldwide population that Italian wine is among the most strictly monitored brands in the world.

Valoritalia alone, which also collaborates with Federdoc, Unione Italiana Vini and CSQA, confirmed to have covered in 2014 a sample not only of DOC wine but DOCG and IGT as well, equivalent to 70% of production. This is the important message being sent out to the international export market: buying from Italy guarantees qualitative excellence to the consumer.

The activity of checking and certifying of DOC wine is scrupulous and is carried out at various points of the process: in the last year, for example, some 10000 inspections were conducted in vineyards, 5000 in wineries, and 100000 of the paperwork. The attention dedicated by the makers of Italian wine brands to their product is evident in the results obtained in specific findings: chemical and physical tests and tastings found just 513 cases of non-compliance out of 46734 samples analysed (a mere 1.15% of the total).

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