Dessert Wine

Dessert Wine, Including Vin Santo and Marsala

Dessert wine is a delicious way to conclude a refined meal. Italy’s unique traditions bring numerous bottles of Italian dessert wine to the table after dinner – Vin Santo of Tuscan origin, is widespread around the world, or Marsala used in a number of recipes in bel paese cuisine, or enjoyed on its own with dessert.

There are two types of Italian dessert wine to consider: fortified wines and passito. Vin Santo and Marsala belong to the first category, and are obtained utilizing aromatic grapes (for example the Malvasia and Aleatico varieties, cultivated in geographic areas like the island of Elba) to which additional components are added – alcohol, acquavite, concentrated grape must and sometimes caramel. Passiti, on the other hand, are produced with varietals that are already sweet, whose clusters are left to dry in the sun.

The historic roots of the practice of adding alcoholic content to wine stems from the need to block fermentation, especially during long voyages for export. The transformation for the palate, bouquet and pigmentation are dramatic. Colors can go to dark, glossy red with astonishing transformations in whites – straw yellow and even amber with dry or round flavors marked by clean finishes. Your dessert will never be the same with these amazing products!

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Dessert Wine

Marsala Wine

Marsala Wine, A Famous Italian Achievement Marsala wine is produced in the province of Trapani in western Sicily. This exceptional Italian dessert wine is obtained through the utilization of both white and red grape varietals, and its birth on the world stage can be traced to a happy...

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