Italian tomatoes

Italian tomatoes, whether canned or fresh

Italian tomatoes are among the primary ingredients for thousands of recipes. Their vivid color, unmistakable flavor and versatitliy in the kitchen make different types of Italian tomatoes nearly omnipresent in dishes from virtually every region. We can thank the Aztecs for their knowledge of the tomato, which possibly made its way to Europe with the Italian Christopher Columbus as early as 1493, a moment of destiny for the plant.

Tomatl was its indiginous name, meaning “pulpous fruit”. In 1554, the Italian naturalist Pietro Andrea Mattioli reffered to them as “golden apples”, a description of their original hue – yellow. Its first use in cooking in Italy dates to a century and a half later in Naples with what was called a “Spanish-style” condiment. This area proved ideal for the new crop to prosper, and is still home to the San Marzano variety, considered by many to be the best in the world.

Canned tomatoes render it possible to enjoy their taste throughout the globe as an ingredient for accenting authenticity. Types of tomatoes also offer a number of crucial health benefits that are difficult to obtain elswhere. They are rich in vitmain C and folic acid, as well as the pigment lycopene, known to have antioxidant and anticancerogenous properties.

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Italian tomatoes

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Italian tomatoes

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