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Tiramisu, recipe with mascarpone

Tiramisu is a sweet delicacy that is famous throughout the world, almost a seal of quality representing all bel paese desserts. The Italian tiramisu recipe is easy, but the results are directly proportional to the choice of ingredients and correct execution of the various steps. The right Mascarpone is perhaps the most fundamental to any Tiramisu.

There are some doubts shrouding the origins of Tiramisu. Veneto, Piemonte and Tuscany are the Italian regions that lay claim to it. Whatever the case, its planetary achievements are remembered by all palates to taste it.

Authentic Tiramisu is prepared like this:

Choose three fresh eggs, separate the yolks and add sugar (2 tablespoons of the 4 total). Whip with an electric whisker to obtain a creamy texture, then add 500 g of Mascarpone.

Mix the egg whites, sugaring gradually, as the volume continues to increase, then pour it gently into the cream so it stays frothy.

Spread the mascarpone base onto the bottom of a pan. Dip the Savoiardi cookies in coffee, place in rows, and cover them with more of the emulsion, repeating the operation until you reach the desired height. The top is often decorated with chocolate or cocoa powder.

Put the Tiramisu in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

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