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Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs, the finest of chocolate

Easter Eggs: delicious chocolate eggs and their wonderful surprises. Eaten in Italy along with the Colomba and other customary Italian sweets  there is no surprise about the quality of the chocolate. The tradition of exchanging chocolate eggs containing a little gift at Easter comes from the old custom of giving one another a hen’s egg, and is the perfect way to taste the best work of Italian chocolatiers.

The most excellent Easter eggs are produced according to the traditional recipe, and this is easily confirmed by looking at the list of ingredients. The first hallmark of excellence in these Italian sweets enjoyed at Easter is the use of pure cocoa butter, without the addition of low-quality tropical oils such as palm or coconut oil, although unfortunately these are permitted by law in quantities of up to 5% of the finished sweets.

As an alternative to the smooth finish there are also Easter eggs made with gianduja. In this version it is hazelnuts which make the difference to these Easter treats. The amount of this exquisite ingredient varies between a minimum of 20% (15 in milk chocolate) and a maximum of 40%. Quite a large variation, so it is worth checking the label to be sure at Easter of eating the tastiest of chocolate eggs.

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