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Colomba, a genuine Easter cake to celebrate

The Colomba is considered one of the finest examples of an Italian cake eaten for one of the various festivities celebrated throughout the world, in this case, at Easter. In either the classic version or without candied peel, a true Colomba is prepared strictly to national regulations for both ingredients and production processes.

Eating an Easter Colomba that is genuinely Made in Italy means tasting a naturally leavened speciality, a process that gives it a light texture and makes it very digestible. The choicest products are always produced according to the traditional recipe. The dough of the Colomba consists of wheat flour, saccharose, and no less than 4% yolk of category A eggs. Fat content is at least 16% butter, and a good Italian Easter Colomba should never be cooked with poor quality tropical fats such as palm oil.

Where used, the lowest quantity of fruit allowed is 15% of the Colomba, but some prefer a Colomba without candied peel, and so it can also be left out altogether. Finally, the glaze, a mixture consisting of egg white and coarse grain sugar, has to contain a minimum of 2% almonds. This Italian Easter cake, as with many other raised cakes, is best enjoyed with a glass of sweet sparkling wine.

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