Easter Sweets

Easter sweets, treats to celebrate

Easter sweets; an enticing feast of delicious flavours. The inevitable stars of this important event, Colomba cake and Easter eggs, are consumed throughout Italy alongside a wide variety of traditional and local recipes, such as Neapolitan Pastiera; where simple ingredients are transformed with time-honoured skill into a tempting confection for all the family to enjoy.

In Christian practice, the pleasure of indulging in something sweet, for instance Easter sweets such as the popular Easter eggs or the famous Colomba, marks the end of Lent, the period of 40 days leading up to the festival when those who are believers choose to abstain from cakes and any foods that are considered to be “rich” or “luxurious”.

Pastiera is a striking example of the intermingling of religion, tradition and culinary expertise. In line with religious customs, the original recipe is supposed to be prepared on Good Friday and should then be eaten on the following Sunday. This short but significant interval allows the filling of the tart to develop the right consistency, and the faithful can then observe and honour both the festivities and also gastronomic traditions. Such habits tend to overlap with secular custom, which sees these Easter sweets freely enjoyed.

pastiera napoletana
Easter Sweets

Pastiera Napoletana

Pastiera Napoletana, the authentic recipe Pastiera Napoletana. The finest of the Italian Easter cakes should really be tasted in the beautiful southern city of Naples, where it originates. Otherwise, it can be prepared at home using the pastiera recipe given on the official website of the...

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