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Panettone for an italian style christmas

The legend of Panettone, king of Italian Christmas sweets, says that in Milan at the court of Duke Ludovico il Moro a great luncheon was held for Christmas Eve. For the occasion, special Italian sweets were prepared, but burnt before serving them.

It was one of the servants to create the first Panettone recipe with the ingredients on hand. Panettone is a sweet cake, with the aroma of candied fruit, with a brown dome-like shape that conquered the palates of the guests. According to the tale, it took the name of its creator as pan del Toni in Italian. Today, it is known as Panettone, acquiring fame among Italian Christmas sweets all over the world.

The Panettone recipe begins with yeast and sour dough. Through a series of interventions carried out manually this triples in volume, and eggs, butter, sugar and flour are added and set aside to rise in the unique Panettone mold. More of the same elements are mixed in, with raisins and candy citrus rinds. Then the Panettone is placed in its characteristic baking pan for another leavening, and baked for approximately an hour. Once out of the oven, it is left to cool upside-down for ten hours. Two days after the beginning of the process, the Panettone is ready for packaging, and eager consumers in Italy and abroad.

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