Christmas Sweets

Christmas sweets, unique italian masterpieces

In possession of a notable sweet tooth, it is no surprise that Christmas sweets are a big deal in the pantheon of Italian sweets. Pandoro, Panettone and Torrone, the most famous Italian Christmas sweets, are only the top contenders on a list that continues long after the holidays are over. Typical of some cities in Italy, many are considered national patrimonies. Abroad they have become symbols of what makes Christmas the happiest time of year.

These exquisite products boast origins across the peninsula. In the region of Piemonte, the Tronchetto is a recipe with chocolate, brandy and mascarpone. In Trentino-Alto Adige, they dig into Zelten, a fruity and decidedly spiced bread. Liguria has Pandolce, a candied focaccia with raisins. Tuscany, Siena’s Panforte delights, with its filling of almonds and oranges, and who would forget inimitable Ricciarelli almond Christmas cookies.

There is more to be discovered following the path of Italian Christmas sweets south. Cartellate from Puglia with Anisette, cooked must and cinnamon. Campania’s honey coated, fried Struffoli – similarly found in Umbria and Marche, but with the name Cicerchiata. The stuffed, dried figs of Calabria. In a country where food is everything, Christmas could not be any less!

Christmas Sweets


Panettone for an italian style christmas The legend of Panettone, king of Italian Christmas sweets, says that in Milan at the court of Duke Ludovico il Moro a great luncheon was held for Christmas Eve. For the occasion, special Italian sweets were prepared, but burnt before serving them...

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