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Chiacchiere, original recipe

Chiacchiere, bugie, cenci, frappe, crostoli, galani and fiocchetti. And a thousand more words for just one dish, Carnival chiacchiere, a simple, tasty dessert, one of the Carnival sweets supplied in all Italy. Distinguished in regions only by the name.

Banquets, rites, plays, use of irreverent masks and peculiar sweet consumption, made for the occasion, like chiacchiere, are seen to occur in this particular period of the year, as per tradition.

Preparing traditional, are genuine chiacchiere is slog if you’re a cooking newbie, it being relatively easy work but each family hands on its jealously guarded secrets. Some actually compare cooking through little “chiacchiere contest”.

Main ingredients are flour, sugar, egg, butter, grappa, yeast, vanilla and salt. The mix obtained combining all components must be left to settle for 30 minutes. Then the dough obtained is spread and divided into long rectangles to draw two parallel lines on with a roller. The chiacchiere are nearly ready. It’s time to fry them in hot but not boiling oil to reach fine, fragrant, crisp chiacchiere.

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