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Castagnole, noble goodness

Castagnole, a name due to the form which is similar to small chestnuts, for some the ‘perfect Carnival recipe’, has centuries-old, popular origins in different regions. It must be the most popular carnival cakes along with chiacchiere.

Castagnole recipes are already found in 1700, first in a book by Italo Arieti, conserved in the Viterbo State Archives. But we know fine castagnole were served on the royal D’Angiò table and the bard of another family to influence Rome, the Farnese. Just as a national symbol, carnival castagnole go through almost all the Belpaese, becoming carnival tradition in Umbria, Lazio, Veneto, Marche and Emilia Romagna. Like other sweets, the fragrant castagnole are based on fried dough, with some oven variations.

Castagnole preparation requires experience to get excellent icing and not make the outer surface too hard: castagnole are actually characterized by balance, crispy outside, soft filling. Ingredients are: flour, egg, sugar, butter, yeast, lemon, vanilla, aniseed liquor and salt, but there are many variations on the theme: candy fruit, raisin, cream or whipped cream filling.

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