Carnival cakes

Carnival cakes, brillant recipes

Nothing like traditional carnival cakes to express the sense of a centuries-old celebration, a moment of fun and release, enjoyed with masks and banquets. The cakes recipes specifically for the occasion are fast and tasty, a way to happily reunite a multitude of people in the same square, giving each one something to eat. The Carnival chiacchiere and Florentine schiacciata are famous cases.

The origin of the word ‘carnevale’ is uncertain (many try to make it come from ‘carnem levare’, i.e. having to consume meatless dishes in Lent) but tradition happiness reach our days pure. The Carnival period is a hymn to joy and has been since the ancient Greeks and Romans, who tasted Spring’s arrival with parades and celebrations full of wine, cakes and jokes. The idea of upturning class roles, with all kind of excess, is all Medieval.
Just because excess is a measure of the recurrence, many recipes are based on fried dough.

Chiacchiere are typical of central Italy, in Emilia and Lombardy sweet tortellini rule, in Friuli castagnole, and in the South taralli, zeppole and culigiones. Taste a sweet reading in Gift!

dolci carnevale
Carnival cakes


Chiacchiere, original recipe Chiacchiere, bugie, cenci, frappe, crostoli, galani and fiocchetti. And a thousand more words for just one dish, Carnival chiacchiere, a simple, tasty dessert, one of the Carnival sweets supplied in all Italy. Distinguished in regions only by the name...

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