Italian Sweets Types, Traditional Masterpieces

Italian sweets types are among the world’s highest quality productions. They complete their respective regional cuisines no matter how sophisticated and renowned, and the precepts of traditional Italian sweets leave their competitors from other countries behind in a sugary dust.

The peninsula and islands are literally covered with both small and large-scale producers that create an infinite variety of sweets types for every temptation. In addition, many companies are at the forefront of research into next generation sweeteners that are suited to a number of uses. It is a significant fact that the industry also specializes in semi-finished products.

Local manufacturers have always focused on rigid standards and continuous innovation, meriting the definition of authentic sources of pride. It is easy to see why Italy has such a strong sweet tooth, above all because the sweetness of what the country produces is accompanied by the absolute wholesomeness and reliability of its tradition, making it cherished at the international level.

castagnole carnevale 470x264
Carnival cakes


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frittelle carnevale 470x264
Carnival cakes

Carnival frittelle

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Italian sweets


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Easter Sweets

Pastiera Napoletana

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