Italian Beef Types

Italian beef plays a central role in Italy’s diet, and is closely connected to social and agricultural history of Italian meats. Once a luxury, it was reserved for Sunday lunch, and other special occasions. However, through the early 1900s, the dopoguerra, and the economic boom, the amount of Italian beef on dinner tables tripled, becoming available for even the humblest families on a regular basis.

Different Italian beef types are a main ingredient in many recipes, from the brasato (“braised”) to the bollito (“boiled”), as well as mouthwatering steaks grilled alla brace. The gold standard is the exquisite Chianina breed, the largest and one of the oldest in the world used for the famous Bistecca fiorentina, and the result of the “cowboy” traditions of the butteri in the countryside of parts of Tuscany, Lazio and Marche. Italian culinary genius with this important meat doesn’t stop here. Beef is also consumed raw as carpaccio, and cured as bresaola.

Today, the pleasures of Italian beef are so ingrained in eating habits that the roughly 2 million cattle slaughtered each year don’t meet domestic demand, fostering an international beef culture that continues to improve the Italian product. The quality of Italian beef types has allowed it to reach success in the renown canned brand Manzotin.

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Beef Producers

Beef producers, raising the standard Italy’s beef producers create a vast array of products from fresh Italian beef, to using this precious red marbled meat for curing and other processes for exquisite and refined foods. Although geographic and demographic factors mean that these...

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