Italian meats

Italian Meats, Types of Carne

Italian meats are among the food products that have attained an enviable level of excellence. Types of Italian meats, like Italian beef for example, win overwhelming international praise for their quality, and continue to make an important contribution to the value of Italy’s food across the globe. Together with the protected Denominazione di Origine (DOP) and Indicazione Geografica (IGP) certifications, that are the tangible proof of unarguable success, this category is founded on the pride of its producers.

Italian meats are the result of a long tradition which has developed and reached mastery over the course of centuries. Given this fact, it is no surprise that it is common for them to be falsified and incorrectly sold as something they are not. Consumers with more refined palates can’t help but notice the difference when they stray off, and regret not having bought genuine meats produced here.

Italian meat ranges from beef, to pork, to chicken and other poultry, as well as the unforgettable Italian sausage, and even wild game, a true guarantee of the kind of authenticity in taste that only the bel paese can boast.

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