Italian food products


Italian Food Products, Quality Assured

Great Italian Food Trade’s aim is the promotion of quality Italian food products to end consumers using privileged partners and businesses (agents, buyers, importers, distribution chains), as well as Italian and international buying groups looking for guaranteed Italian food items. The interactive B2C and B2B platform, which is open to individual consumers and the restaurant sector, focuses on providing all of the information necessary to this end to promote Italy’s best.

These details cover not only certifications, but also registries and the various inspections carried out on each product and process in order to guarantee the reliability of the suppliers listed, all chosen on the basis of their ability to offer products that are of the highest quality, secure and guaranteed, and have the track record to prove it.

Through the constant updating of available content, GIFT is set to become the reference point for all those who are searching for certified and guaranteed Italian products, wherever they are located in the world, in addition to Italian producers who want to enter into contact with the global supply chain and shoppers.