sustainable canned tuna

Sustainable Canned Tuna Fish

Sustainable canned tuna has confirmed itself as a leader in types of canned fish, with the widespread orientation towards all that is sustainable in 2012. Analysis covering the entire sector carried out by Distribuzione Moderna shows that the industry is holding. At the end of the year, there were stable volumes (+0.1%), in addition to growth in value (+3.6%).

The positive effects of sustainable canned tuna is hard to ignore. The most marked sales performance in types of canned fish came from mackerel fillets (+7% in volume, +10% in worth). However, the predominance of sustainable tuna rests in tact with a market share of more than 75%, due to its versatility as an ideal substitute for fresh seafood.

It’s good news for the planet that Italian consumers show appreciation for sustainable methods that respect the ecosystem. The success of Asdomar as a pioneer in sustainable canned tuna is demonstrated through a number one Greenpeace ranking after the application and certification of rigorous criteria including using fishing poles to avoid the accidental catching of other species, and choosing only yellow-fin that is over a meter in length to reduce impact on reproductive cycles. Mareblu Nostromo and Riomare tuna have also followed suit by implementing new sustainable practices.

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sustainable canned tuna


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