Italian fish

Frozen Fish

Frozen Fish

Frozen Fish for Cooking the Italian Way

Frozen fish is the product of careful preservation techniques that ensure the natural characteristics of food remain intact. Italian fish products are ideal for pastas and main courses, as they are rich in protein, micronutrients and taste great. To use them in delicious frozen fish recipes it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of -18°C, and have a thin layer of ice protecting against oxidation.

Frozen, really? Some misconceptions lead to general diffidence on frozen fish products, but if the cold chain is maintained throughout production and distribution, nutritional value is flawless, contrary to fresh seafood, which can fall victim to alterations due to bacteria present in the air. Fatty tissues are unaltered when frozen, like the minuscule changes in carbohydrates, holding flavor and allowing for easy assimilation during digestion.

Frozen items also boast the advantage of convenience, as well as rendering 100% of their weight (compared to about 30%). Frozen, in addition to the guarantee of Italian quality, allows for eating types of fish year-round, adding to the varied diet recommended by nutritionists and doctors, in wonderful recipes only the Italian tradition can offer.

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