Italian Fish, A Myriad of Types

The Italian fish and seafood tradition has always been one that inspires pride in Italy, and has at its backbone a set of rigid certifications that governs the types of fish that are caught and sold for consumption both locally and abroad. These extend to cover Italian seafood, in addition to the different techniques employed in the production of processed fish, as these products are enjoying increasing attention in terms their quality, and focus on sustainability.

The unquestionable leadership of Italian fish and seafood is another example of the way Italian culinary products are perceived throughout the globe, as well as how they have reached such an extraordinary level of success.

The growing passion shown by consumers for Italian fish offers the many companies which operate in this sector a significant opportunity for growth as their products reach new corners of the world and new markets continue to open for these specialties. The industry is perfectly positioned to become the next winning asset for Italian food exports, offering everyone a taste of the Mediterranean.

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sustainable canned tuna


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Italian fish

Oily Fish

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Italian fish

Frozen Fish

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Italian fish

Fish Brands

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