Italian bread

Calories in Bread

Calories in Bread

Calories in bread for an italian diet

Just how many calories in bread are there? Common opinions attribute to different types of Italian bread, without distinction, an overabundance of calories and carbohydrates, making the mistake of considering it an enemy for dieters. The issue, however, of calories in Italian bread needs to be examined carefully to be informed to see the levels present in a portion of Pane toscano for example, or dark wholegrain, not to mention what they are eaten with.

On average, there are 275 calories in bread for every 100 grams, with differences between the variations found on the market. A baguette of an identical weight has 281 calories, while the same from Tuscany’s tradition comes in at 278. The calories and whole-wheat combination presents fewer calories in addition to a higher concentration of fiber.

If you choose your food based on calorie content, you will naturally prefer bread made with rye flour (219 calories), though not compatible with some sodium diets. Whether dieting or not, it is not advisable to eat bread with pasta (to make digestion easier).

One thing is sure, those who love bread are advised to discover the pantheon of breads baked in each region and province of Italy, to uncover the flavorful mysteries of this elsewhere underrated foodstuff.

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