Increasing the Benefits of Healthy Eating

The relationship between health and food is evident, but the path that translates eating habits into an instrument of wellbeing is a long one. Inprofood, a project financed by the European Union aims at reducing then gap through new shared research between academics, civic institutions, and the food industry.

Inprofood is a 3-year project involving 18 partners from 13 European Union countries devoted to research initiatives, discussions and public debate in order to make concrete proposals for innovation and sustainability in food that, once implemented, will protect the health of citizens across Europe.

Coordination of the work group has been granted to the Life Science Center at Germany’s Hohenheim University. The Italian member of Inprofood is Observa, an independent research body. Upcoming events include the Food and Health – Research 2020 Conference in Brussels on November 15th, and the Inprofood meeting set to take place in Vienna on December 2nd and 3rd.