IGP at Italian and EU Level

After the period of transition required by European regulations Gragnano pasta, which already benefited from the IGP label in Italy, received its official recognition from the EU, becoming the 254th Italian product to be inserted in the Euro-register of geographical indications. It is a pasta, reads a note from the European Commission, “known for the traditional methods used in its production, with copper wires that give it the creases that hold sauces and condiments so well.”

The other unique features that characterize Gragnano pasta are the selection of raw ingredients, which contain 30% more protein than industrial produced pastas, the use of local Gragnano water, ideal for binding the semolina, as well as drying temperature and timing, which never surpasses 50°C or last less than two days.

In this case, the IGP label awards the tenacious efforts of a group of companies that have stuck with their art through difficult moments to offer high-quality niche products to thousands of pasta enthusiasts around the world. Now that it has been officially recognized, the Gragnano Pasta Consortium is getting ready to land in new European and global markets.