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The objective of the OLIS Observatory is to put the global society under the magnifying glass, so as to predict future trends and consumption patterns and advise companies on the paths to take for sustainable success. Through a network of universities in emerging countries, OLIS provides companies with the tools to identify opportunities, activate international hubs by enhancing human and intellectual exchange, map progress underway, and provide new generations with the tools necessary to interact with new markets. The basic values ​​of the Observatory are sustainability, ethics, equality, research, speed and interaction, each of which makes OLIS a reference point for understanding and enhancing change, through a platform multilingual municipality. Emerging markets are becoming the true drivers of innovation in product design, production, and distribution and supply channels, pushing companies that operate there to the fore in the paradigm shift. The communication activities of OLIS are managed by Carito & Partners Factory, leader in the sector with offices in Rome, Jeddah, Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo.

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