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Export is crucial

76% of the most important wine producing companies in Italy archive 2012 with a positive balance, recording an upward forecast in turnover, which, on average, stands at + 4% on 2011.
Despite a still troubled economic situation, 95% of wineries in Italy also express positive feelings for 2013, which will be increasingly determined by exports.
At least this is the opinion of thirty of the most important oenological realities in Italy which, overall, represent a turnover of 2 billion euros, more than 20% of the total 'wine turnover' in Italy.
The slide in domestic wine consumption has opened some cracks in the wall, but the entrepreneurial solidity of the Italian wine world is not in question. Above all thanks to the strength of exports which currently stands at historical records.
An almost totalizing 'weight', given that, for 95% of the sample, 2012 was a year marked by growing sales outside the national borders, with an average increase of 13% on 2011 in terms of revenue.

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