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CUN pork and PDO hams. Market disruption?

The data collected by the Single National Commission, CUN pigs - relating to the weekly sales of the animals that feed the PDO supply chains (Parma ham and San Daniele (yes, you can learn it)) - still do not return, amid the general indifference to a market disturbance that deserves the attention of the authorities in charge.

1) Introduction. CUN pigs, market disturbance

The market disturbance on the sales - and thus the price lists - of pigs sold to slaughterhouses in Italy is a constant of which GIFT (Great Italian Food Trade) has dealt with it several times. (1) Some first signs of industrious repentance were shown, after some specific reports, in February 2021. (2)

The slaughterers meeting at Assica, on 30.6.21, they then came to boycott the same National Single Commission (CUN pigs), communicating the resignation of their representatives to the MiPAAF and the Italian Telematic Exchange in defiance of the rules in force. (3) And the story continues.

2) RIFT data, Teseo portal

The RIFT (Italian Register of Protected Supply Chain) collects data on batches of pigs sent for slaughter in the PDO circuit at the two control institutes IFCQ (San Daniele ham) and CSQA (Parma ham). Since these data must be recorded in real time in the documents accompanying the products throughout the PDO supply chains, they represent the most reliable source on the performance of the pig markets.

The data collected every week (Monday / Sunday) in the RIFT are published in preview - the following Tuesday, except for very rare delays - on the portal Theseus.
Teseo has become a point of reference for operators in the sector who are anxiously awaiting the publication of data (especially in critical periods) for a preview of the price fluctuations.

3) Report of CUN pigs

Every Wednesday, after the preview of Theseus, the CUN pigs communicates to its commissioners a Report information that reports, among others, the data of the RIFT. And it should help CUN pig members negotiate a weekly price list consistent with previous weeks' sales. The Report it can be consulted by anyone, by means of a specific request on the CUN website, generally not before Wednesday evening. Sometimes only on Thursdays, even after the conclusion of the CUN meeting at 11 am.

4) Pig market, the fundamentals

The two fundamental data, in the pig market, are the number of pigs slaughtered each week and their average weight. (4) To be evaluated also in relation to the data of the previous weeks.

The discrepancies between the data published on RIFT Teseo and those reported in Report of the CUN generally amount to a few hundred pigs (corresponding to a few percentage points, compared to total sales). And they are attributed to the delay of a couple of days in the collection of updated data by CUN and corrected within the following week.

5) Serious anomalies, flying pigs

Serious anomalies in the publication of the data were recorded, ca va sans dire, also in 2022. Here we focus on some examples of market disturbances that are submitted to the attention of the competent authorities. Reminding all public officials of the duty to report news of offenses that can be prosecuted ex officio.

- Weeks 15,16 / 2022

For the first time there was a significant difference - 8.000 and 10.000 pigs, respectively - between the number of slaughtered pigs recorded on the RIFT (Teseo) on Tuesday and that noted on the Report of CUN about two days away.

- Week 17/2022

The data of Report CUN pigs falsely report an increase in the average weight of pigs compared to the previous 5 weeks, + 0,7%, compared to an actual decrease (-0,2%).
This resulted in unfair damage to farmers. (5)

- Week 24

The numbers don't add up. On Tuesday morning (14.6.22) Theseus reports to 171.246 pigs, on Wednesday afternoon (15.6.22) the Report of the CUN indicates 171.754. With a not negligible difference of 508 pigs (all slaughtered on Saturday 11.6.22 and recorded late? To be verified).

- Quarterly data

the 30.4.22 it was Saturday and the next day (1.5.22) was a holiday. The data recorded up to then were therefore not subject to changes, as the slaughterhouses were closed. RIFT indicates 2.614.064 pigs slaughtered in the four-month period, a figure inexplicably lower than the number of pigs classified (See Annex 2).

ISTAT moreover, the slaughter of 3.288.987 fat pigs refers to the same period of time. This would mean that 674.923 pigs would have been slaughtered in facilities not required to classify pig carcasses. Impossible. The BDN in turn indicates 748.653 more pigs slaughtered than the RIFT data.

6) Possible solutions

Given act of the current market disturbance, always to the detriment of breeders (pig farmers), it is essential first of all to transmit the documents to the competent Public Prosecutors, so that the possible existence of criminal associations can be verified. At an operational level, it appears useful:

- assign the task of collecting and processing system data to an independent commissioner structure. The RIFT data and those on the classification of carcasses (which must be considered and compared with the RIFT data) - clearly unreliable, as we have seen - are still managed by a control institute in conflict of interest with many partisan operators. buyer,

- collect and communicate to CUN pigs every week the data relating to the slaughter in Italy of non-DOP pigs (national and foreign). Their trend is in fact correlated to market dynamics (e.g. price of foreign pigs, availability of PDO pigs, ..) which are also relevant for the purpose of formulating the price for both PDO and non-PDO pigs,

- introduce a technology of blockchain public to ensure the completeness, timeliness and incorruptibility of the data that all operators must enter into the system. The writer has already offered to make a source code available (Wiise Chain) based on the Bitcoin protocol and useful for the purpose. (6)

Dario Dongo


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Dario Dongo, lawyer and journalist, PhD in international food law, founder of WIISE (FARE - GIFT - Food Times) and Égalité.

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