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Attention to international standards

It's easy to say "Halal" certification. But for companies in the food sector that want to compete on a market with 4 million potential consumers in Italy and much more relevant abroad, internationally recognized standards and guidelines are of great importance. The national production of foods labeled with religious certification is growing. The latest addition is the Pecorino Toscano DOP, but before that there were other cheeses produced from rennet of vegetable origin, born to satisfy the dietary needs of Muslims residing in Italy. The Italian section of the Halal International Authority, a body capable of providing certifications with value in several countries, talks about a market that is potentially worth 4 billion euros, with about 130 certified Italian companies, such as Bresaole Bordoni and Oca Sforzesca, but There are also companies producing large PDOs, such as Latteria Soresina, which produces Grana Padano, among other things. The different Islamic communities do not unanimously agree on what should be considered halal ("lawful" in Arabic), so it is essential to contact the right certification company. (Photo from the reportage on the theme of ours media partner Il Fatto Alimentare). 

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