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Coldiretti, the Agromafie Observatory and the Porsche of the Customs Agency. The document

Ettore Prandini – president of Coldiretti and its 'observatory on crime in agriculture and the agri-food system' foundation – obtained a Porsche confiscated and assigned for free use to the so-called 'Osservatorio Agromafie' by the ex-general manager of the Excise Agency, Customs and Monopolies Marcello Minenna, now under house arrest. #Clean spades.

1) District Anti-Mafia Directorate, the investigation

The Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Forlì, in synergy with the DDA (District Anti-Mafia Directorate) of Bologna, on 22 June 2023 it ordered the arrest of Marcello Minenna - now councilor for the environment, investee companies, unitary programming and strategic projects of the Calabria Region (former Councilor for the Budget, Assets, Participates, Social Policies and Spending Review of Roma Capitale under the council of Virginia Raggi).

'The survey concerns various episodes of corruption and arose from an investigation into the procurement of masks and drug trafficking'. (1)

Marcellus Minenna he was arrested together with the former Lega MP Gianluca Pini and 32 officials from the prefecture of Ravenna and AUSL Romagna. (2) According to the investigators, the former general manager of the Customs Agency (2020-2023, under the governments of Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi) would have favored theimport from China of a huge load of masks with false certifications, (3) in the Covid era, which the Northern League politician would then have supplied to the Romagna AUSL, carrying out a 3,5 million euro scam.

2) Coldiretti and the former directors of the Excise, Customs and Monopolies Agency

The investigations of the Prosecutor of Forlì have brought to light the modus operandi of the ex-director general of the Customs Agency (ADM) Marcello Minenna, who allegedly bestowed undue favors on some 'prominent figures' in the transversal powers that afflict Italy.

In this line of inquiry the Porsche entrusted for use by Marcello Minenna, on behalf of ADM, to the foundation 'observatory on crime in agriculture and on the agri-food system' by Coldiretti.

Coldiretti, which his 'boss of bosses' Vincenzo Gesmundo claims has the 'right/duty to replace the institutions', has a gut feeling. particularly with the general managers of ADM. Another 'ex' – Giuseppe Peleggi, in turn challenged for a public competition canceled by the TAR – has in fact become 'head of the technological innovation area' of Palazzo Rospigliosi (4,5).

3) Coldiretti, the Agromafie Observatory and the confiscated Porsche

The contract stipulated on 10 November 2021 between Marcello Minenna and Ettore Prandini, in their respective roles of general manager of ADM and president of the AgroMafie Observatory of Coldiretti, has reached our editorial staff (see Annex). And it is already worthy of attention in the introduction, where it refers to the possibility for Customs to

➡️ allocate seized assets'to another state administration according to the specific conventional regime set up for this purpose'.

The foundation 'observatory on crime in agriculture and on the agri-food systemHowever, Coldiretti is not a 'State Administration'. And Ettore Prandini, who appears to have signed the contract, could not fail to know the difference between a state body and a private law foundation. All the more reason as a law graduate, as well as the son of a former minister with a long political career behind him (6,7).

4) The contract

The Agromafia Observatory therefore received free use for two years, with a renewable contract, of a luxury sports car that ADM was instead supposed to sell to return the proceeds of illegal activities to the Treasury. In the awareness of:

  • not have any entitlement to receive the asset, the assignment of which is expressly reserved to the State administrations (see supra, para. 3),
  • the justification deduced in the contract is not plausible ('not the procedures for the auction of the vehicle are currently immediately available').

The Governing Council of the Agromafie Observatory which is supposed to have consented to this operation is made up of Ettore Prandini, Vincenzo Gesmundo and Raffaele Grandolini. That is to say the president, the boss of bosses and King Midas of Coldiretti. (8)

5) Agromafia Observatory

The scientific committee of Coldiretti's Agromafie Observatory sees the participation of the same protagonists of 'Mani Pulite' - Gherardo Colombo (former president of Coldiretti's UE.Coop) and Giancarlo Caselli - as well as general prosecutors, councilors of the Court of Cassation and of the Council of State, prosecutors and deputy prosecutors, the national anti-mafia prosecutor himself and various of his deputies, dozens of senior magistrates, including retired ones, generals and senior officers of the Carabinieri, the GdF and the Revenue Agency, prefects and police commissioners, MiPAAF managers including the Chief Inspector of ICQRF, etc. now also Professor Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella, nephew of the President of the Italian Republic.

But what observe, this 'Observatory'? And have the honored members of your scientific committee ever tried to understand how the magic circle of Coldiretti works? It would be enough to start from the Porsche case and maybe follow some ideas humbly offered on this site, following the keywords 'Clean spades'. And put an end once and for all with this colossal mockery of Italian farmers and breeders, the real victims of a multifaceted organization that should represent them and instead reduced them to starvation, as well as speculating on them (8,9,11,12, XNUMX).

Dario Dongo


Contract 10 November 2021 between Marcello Minenna and Ettore Prandini, in their respective roles of general manager of ADM and president of the AgroMafie Observatory of Coldiretti

ADM and Observatory Foundation on crime in agriculture and on the agri-food system aimed at the use of a confiscated car


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