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Possible Agreement with Sears

Conad ready to land in the USA? The news is not yet official but it is of great interest for the export of Italian food products to the United States of America. The indiscretion comes from the Italian economic weekly The world, and was relaunched by our media partner DM. According to the first information available, Conad, the second largest retail group in Italy, would be defining the details of a framework agreement with Sears, a distribution group with headquarters in Chicago and thousands of supermarkets throughout the United States, to install special spaces for the sale of food under the 'Sapori e Dintorni' brand, the "trade brand" used by Conad to market a large portfolio of typical and local food products made in Italy.
The expansion project has already been presented to the credit institutions and its confirmation is expected shortly with the trappings of official status. The Italian companies in the agri-food sector rejoice at the idea of ​​being able to initiate or strengthen their exports to the USA. In fact, for many years it was expected that an Italian retail group would cross national borders to spread the Italian food culture and related products. 

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