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Now even the bresaola can be imported

Two months after the US green light for the import of salami, pancetta, coppa and other short-aged Italian cured meats, already reported by Modern Distribution and from GIFT, the United States finally extends the authorization to enter their market also to bresaola.
THEAssy estimates that it could increase exports of Made in Italy cured meats and prepared meats to the United States by 17%. “With the recent opening of the USA to short-aged cured meats - affirms Lisa Ferrarini, President of Assica - we had estimated for 2014 an increase in exports to the USA of 10 million euros; we are confident that with this latest news and by virtue of the enthusiasm encountered, these estimates may exceed 12 million. " Last year they had already reached a total of 68 million.
The historic ban on the importation of bresaola in the United States was formally linked to the bovine origin of its meat, and to the safeguard measures adopted at the time in relation to the BSE phenomenon. However, it should be noted that the World Organization for Animal Health has included Italy in the list of countries with minimum risk. The safety of its food production is in fact at the top of the European and world rankings.

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