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Growth of the "premium" segment

B for Brazil, BRIC and Business. The Brazilian market is growing rapidly and can compensate for the asphyxiated European consumption by becoming an important target for agri-food exports. Just open your eyes and look at the projections of ABIA (Associação Brasileira das Indústrias da Alimentação). Per capita consumption of food products in Brazil will increase by 46% (in nominal and real terms) in the next five years.

In 2011, overall food sales increased by 7,1% (adjusted for inflation) and exports exceeded 32 billion euros (44 in US dollars). Domestic consumption also increased, with the primacy of meat products (21% of the total), followed by sugar (11%), coffee, tea and cereals (11%), and finally dairy products (10%) ).

This growth corresponds to an increase in the spending power of a large section of the population, the so-called middle class, increasingly inclined to purchase 'premium' and quality products.

The growth margin for agri-food exports is, on paper, enormous. Brazil holds one of the most significant export shares to the EU, yet Europe and Italy export few agri-food products to Brazil, respectively 3,6% and 4%.

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