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Genetic improvement, the MiPAAF gives 12 million to Coldiretti. #Clean shovels

The call to finance the genetic improvement of dairy cattle breeds - as part of the PSRN (National Rural Development Plan) Biodiversity - is resolved beyond the deadline with a gift of 12 million euros, from the MiPAAF, to the associative system that makes head to Coldiretti.

The news itself is not surprising, in light of the conflicts of interest already reported on this site, (1) between the members of the commission set up at CREA for the selection of the commissioners as well as themselves, on the one hand, and the system farm (AIA, ANA) colonized by Palazzo Rospigliosi. (2)

It is rather surprising the blatant falsification of the data assumed on the basis of the ministerial acts that award resources allocated by the European Union, in the CAP 2014-2020. The outcome of the review request presented on 6.8.21 to the person in charge of the procedure is now awaited. #Clean shovels.

Breeding system, biodiversity, public disarray

The farming system is widely financed, in rural development plans, to ensure the genetic improvement of animal breeds and biodiversity in the supply chains that characterize the Made in Italy agri-food. And the public notice n. 3/2020, aimed at financing sub-measure 10.2 (Support for the conservation, use and sustainable development of genetic resources in agriculture) of the PNSR (3) - registered for the first time the candidacy of national breed associations independent of the AIA-Coldiretti bandwagon.

The bovine sector, in particular, it registered the candidacy of two large-scale projects:

- the first, in view of a loan of € 3,5 million, was presented by RIS Bufala (lead partner), in ATS (Temporary Association of Purpose) with the University of Turin. And it turned out to succumb to that of the competitor ANASB (National Association of Bufalina Species Breeders), supported by Coldiretti. The award was challenged by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court, in the face of the apparent lack of the statutory requirements established by the announcement by ANASB,

- the second, for € 12 million, was instead proposed by ANARB, FRISITALI and ANAJER with the collaboration of various European and international universities. Which in turn challenged the decision of the MiPAAF, ca va sans dire in favor of the Coldiretti power system (ANAFIJ). For a variety of reasons that cry out for revenge, without needing to be an expert in administrative law.

Public disbandment, the gestation of the golden calf

The gift of 12 million euros the Coldiretti dome had been decided since the conception of the procedure, through the appointment of some influential commissioners close to it (1,2). The gestation of the golden calf took a long time, however, since the project designated as the winner (ANAFIJ) does not even come close, in terms of value and impact on the farming system, to that proposed by the independent associations (ANARB, FRISITALI and ANAJER).

The Commission evaluator had thus decided to give maximum marks to both projects - to prevent the recourse of the 'unsuccessful nominees'- and attribute the victory to the'nominated winner'with the same score, thanks to a'additional technical parameter'introduced by it and following the best practices during the preliminary investigation procedure. But also on the additional parameter, to everyone's surprise, Coldiretti's candidate was the loser.


The commissioners they then found theploy of a fillet which did not open up to deduce that the three independent associations (the first of which, ANARB, has been operating for 60 years in genetic selection) did not have at least 3 people qualified to carry out the project and took away 6 points from them. But the three associations - which have 17 experts, including several university professors, as shown in at least 4 annexes - have requested and obtained the re-attribution of the relative points.

At that point the commission, some months late, expressed the Solomonic judgment of not being able to decide. Asserting that on the basis of the supplementary news ANARB should win the tender but - according to a different count, entrusted to CREA with another ploy, completely out of the ordinary - ANAFIJ would win instead. And the MiPAAF obviously, after another month of cogitations, decided in favor of the usual suspects.

The band of the hole. #Clean shovels

The request for review presented by ANARB to the MiPAAF is emblematic in highlighting a series of holes - including violations of the law and false ideologies - throughout the entire procedure. Starting from the inadmissibility of ANAFIJ's candidacy due to lack of the statute requirements set out in the announcement. What's more, the scores were attributed by failing to consider that the ANARB ECOLatte project was developed on 4 breeds (Bruna, Friesian, Jersey and Bruna Originaria), that is double the 2 of ANAFIJ (Friesian and Jersey). And the numbers considered to evaluate the technical parameter are false equally. The icing on the cake, the use of a 'technical opinion'of the CREA not foreseen by the public notice.

Abuse of office it appears obvious and systemic. And the recovery of legality in the procedure in question may not be enough, as is evident, when the system is effectively compromised in its ganglia. As has also been noted, inter alia, In the shameful abuse committed by Gabriele Papa Pagliardini (whose conflict of interest was censored by the European Commission but not also by Mario Draghi's government). In all this, it should be emphasized, we are playing with public money coming from Europe. Those that, if assigned outside the law, are not even given.

#Clean shovels

Dario Dongo


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Dario Dongo, lawyer and journalist, PhD in international food law, founder of WIISE (FARE - GIFT - Food Times) and Égalité.

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