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Filippo Antonio De Cecco, new shadows on links with the judiciary, wheat origin and 2020 budget

The dark epic of Filippo Antonio De Cecco continues with new episodes that once again concern the links with the judiciary in Abruzzo, the origin of wheat and the 2020 budget.


Baptism party for the daughter of the PM

Andrew DiGiovanni, deputy prosecutor at the Pescara Public Prosecutor's Office, organized the baptism party of his daughter on Saturday 18.9.21 at 20:30. The prestigious reception was held in the 'Cafè Les Paillotes' restaurant, one Michelin star, on the Lido delle Sirene in Pescara.

Philip Antonio DeCecco - in addition to being the owner of the aforementioned restaurant - he is the offended person in a criminal case whose investigations are entrusted, in combination, to the deputy prosecutor Andrea Di Giovanni. Without shame (1,2).

Legitimate suspect

In theory, it would be enough to ascertain an unusual discount on the number of seats or the services offered at the banquet to hypothesize the crime of corruption in judicial acts. The deadline for the restaurant to issue the receipt has now expired and the material for the investigation - including invitations, witnesses and photographs - is certainly not lacking. Perhaps the will is lacking, in this as in other cases already reported in vain. (1)

'In the judiciary there is a corruption problem ... We can talk about 6-7%, no more ... Serious, terrible, unimaginable, unthinkable, also because we earn well. I earn 7.200 euros a month, we live well, so there is no justification, it is not a state of necessity, it is not the guy who goes to steal from the supermarket out of hunger. It is gluttony'(Nicola Gratteri. See note 2).

The circumstance that the PM Andrea Di Giovanni - in making his own the accusing theorems of Mr. Filippo Antonio De Cecco - has activated investigations into crimes of some professional figures against subjects lacking the relative requisites deserves in turn consideration by those in charge. And if instead everything turns out to be in order, the history of the reception - of conspicuous value, as well as planned - would still constitute a disciplinary offense. (3)


California and Arizona, backlash of commercial fraud

'We select the best Italian durum wheat, Californians and Arizona because the characteristics of excellence are not found in a single variety of wheat.
Our experts select the raw materials experiencing quality first hand durum wheat from Italy, California and Arizona. They do it when the harvest is still in the fields, before being sent to the Molino di Fara San Martino. ' (4)

de cecco

The site website and social networks managed by De Cecco still today regurgitate the residues of the false declarations to the Antitrust and of the fraud on the market still unpunished. The GIP at the Court of Chieti Luca De Ninis, in more than 7 months from the hearing, has not yet dissolved the reservation on the shameful request for dismissal of the deputy prosecutor Giuseppe Falasca for a widely documented commercial fraud (5,6).

'Best Italian and world grains'?

The Antitrust in turn it seems to have turned the page with respect to fraud and misleading advertising on the origin of the wheat used in Filippo Antonio De Cecco's pasta. Although, as already demonstrated, he has deliberately violated the commitments undertaken towards the AGCM and continues to disclose the lies referred to in the previous paragraph.

The river that sinks the jar now concerns the labeling and advertising of 'the best Italian and world grains'. Misleading in king ipsa, where the origin of Italy is placed before that of the 'rest of the world', without even mentioning its percentage share. Instead, as a duty, applying the rule of QUID (Quantitative Ingredient Declaration).

Grain quality and origin, some doubts

On the quality and origin of the wheat purchased by the followers of Filippo Antonio De Cecco, only a few doubts can be expressed. First of all, it cannot be believed that the 'experts' have 'touched' the quality of the 25 tons of wheat - owned by De Cecco - that was on the Sagittarius ship and was not even authorized to land, in March 2021, for the severity of the contamination levels. (7)

Previous they do not indicate, moreover, a particular favor towards the purchases of Italian wheat. An email 30.1.20 from the purchasing manager Mario Aruffo to the president Filippo Antonio De Cecco, for example, proposed to vary a mixture of 10 to 20% of Italian wheat (only to be falsified as Apulian 5 thousand tons of French wheat), only because the delay of a shipment from the USA.

Then the doubt remains on the quantities of semolina purchased from leader European industry, instead of 'coarse' ground wheat as promised in advertising. The documents of the investigations of Chieti offer only some clues and it does not appear, however, that any authority has carried out, on these assumptions, the necessary investigations regarding the purchases of semolina.


Budget 2020, the hidden rejection

The chairman of the board of statutory auditors Simonetta Conti - in her own Email 16.3.21 to the shareholders of F.lli De Cecco-Fara San Martino SpA - found their disapproval both of the financial statements closed as of 31.12.20, and of the purchase of a share (10,39%) of the subsidiary Molino and Pastificio De Cecco SpA By committing the college to verify the contested facts and deeds.

They turn out therefore both the 2020 budget published on the site are false website by De Cecco, and the Ernst & Young financial statements. Where, under the heading 'other issues', reference is made to a previous auditor's report dated February 24, 2021 which would have expressed an unqualified opinion. By keeping silent on the rejection of the first draft budget.

Events subsequent to closure

2020 report does not report anything, in the section 'Significant events occurring after the close of the financial year', regarding the Sagittarius event. The ship landed at the port of Bari on 8.3.21 - with a load of 25.000 tons of US durum wheat owned by De Cecco - and remained at anchor in the harbor until 2.5.21, when she set sail for Dubai.

F.lli De Cecco-Fara San Martino SpA. paid the freight and the demurrage, for hundreds of thousands of euros. In addition to losing much of the value of 25 tons of Arizona wheat (about 11 million euros), unfit for human consumption. The extent of the damage was known even before the approval of the financial statements, but the event is not even mentioned. Banks, creditors and bondholders were therefore kept in the dark, in defiance of accounting rules (OIC 29).

Dario Dongo


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Dario Dongo, lawyer and journalist, PhD in international food law, founder of WIISE (FARE - GIFT - Food Times) and Égalité.

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