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CAI SpA, Federconsorzi 2. Federico Vecchioni's Big Binge and Coldiretti's magic circle

Agricultural Consortia of Italy or CAI SpA, alias Federconsorzi 2. La Grande Abbuffata described in dossier of the poisons is confirmed in the company records of the companies involved. (1)

Federico Vecchioni and Coldiretti's magic circle derive economic benefits individuals and / or family members from the operations carried out on the collective assets of Italian farmers. Some names and details to follow.

Federico Vecchioni and Gianluca Lelli, the 3% stake on the Agricultural Consortiums

The minutes of the meeting extraordinary 1.9.20 of the Consorzi Agrari d'Italia or CAISrl (CAI SpA from the following day) recognizes to the managing director and to the managing director:

1) autonomous and disjoint powers, a 'develop and promote actions in the context of agro-industrial development, innovation and technological development projects, both upstream and downstream, defining commercial and corporate opportunities with all potential stakeholders'. As well as 'represent the company in the ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the investee companies, in the absence of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer'. It's still, 'carry out Merger and Acquisition (M&A) operations [mergers and acquisitions, ed.] and industrial relations’,

2) 'variable remuneration equal to 1,5% (one point five percent) of the value of the capital transactions carried out and for the Chief Executive Officer variable remuneration equal to 1,5% (one point five percent) of the value of the financial transactions extraordinary and in particular for 'M&A' transactions. In addition to the generous fixed remuneration already attributed to them at the shareholders' meeting 8.7.20. (2)

A splint of 3% on all capital operations of the Agricultural Consortiums of Italy was therefore recognized to the companies:

- BT Srls (CEO of CAI SpA), sole shareholder Gianluca Lelli, Head of the Economic Area of ​​Coldiretti, and

- ELFE Srl (managing director). Whose shareholders are EF simple partnership (96%, partners and cohabitants Federico Vecchioni, Elisabetta Pasinato, Matilde Vecchioni), as well as Federico Vecchioni (2%) and Elisabetta Pasinato (2%).

Vincenzo Gesmundo, Ettore Prandini, Claudio Costamagna

Vincenzo Gesmundo and Ettore Prandini - respectively general secretary and president in office of Coldiretti, in the company of Claudio Costamagna former president of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti CDP Equity SpA - instead participate in the Big Binge on the treasures of Italian farmers through a system of Chinese boxes that sees them directly involved and / or through their relatives:

- the dominant shareholder of Federconsorzi 2 (alias CAI SpA) is Bonifiche Ferraresi, BFSpA (CEO Federico Vecchioni, managing director Gianluca Lelli)

- the shareholder of BFSpA is Arum SpA with € 4,952 million of share capital and registered office in Turin (identical to ELFE Srl and EF Ss),

- the second shareholder of Arum SpA is Progresso Srl (20% of the shares. Same headquarters as ELFE, EF, Arum). The sole shareholder of Progresso Srl is Lu.Mi. simple company, at the same Turin office. Director of Progresso Srl as well as sole shareholder of Lu.Mi. is Lucia Liturri, wife of Vincenzo Gesmundo,

- another shareholder of Arum is Agricola Quadrifoglio Srl (5% shares), based in Brescia. Shareholders Ettore Prandini (49%), Giovanna Prandini (49%) and Adele Treccani,

- another 5% of the shares of Arum SpA are in the hands of CC Holding Srl based in Milan. Majority shareholder (90%) Claudio Costamagna, together with Oliver Alessandro Costamagna (10%).

- 2,499% of Arum SpA, finally, is owned by ELFE Srl owned by the Vecchioni family.

The Big Binge

The Big Binge it is a euphemism, not a metaphor. When it is observed and documented how a series of people exploit their positions in agricultural unions to derive personal advantages that go beyond the already lavish remuneration linked to these positions, through their own and / or family and joint shareholdings in companies formed with the wealth of farmers - the Agricultural Consortiums, in fact - and with public money.

Cherry on the cake is the participation in the binge of Claudio Costamagna. Who had contributed public capital to Bonifiche Ferraresi on 27.3.17 - moreover through a bond loan, not even a shareholding, for 50 million euros - in his role as chairman of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, CDP Equity. (3) To then become a shareholder through Arum SpA, established on 12.4.19.


A business committee it dominates Italian agricultural policy, drains public resources, devastates the work and savings of generations of peasants in Italy. Unclean operations are carried out under his direction in every supply chain, from olive growing to the farming system (4,5). In a climate of intimidation, public and private corruption that also corrodes the heads of the public administration, politics and the press (6,7).

#Clean spades, immediately.

Dario Dongo


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(2) The sorcerers of Coldiretti's magic circle organized the blow with skill. The then sole shareholder of CAI Srl, SCCA (Società Consortium of Agricultural Consortiums for shares), has in fact:

- on 26.6.20, approved the transformation of CAI from Srl to SpA, with effect postponed to 2.9.20,

- 8.7.20, defined the corporate bodies and their ordinary remuneration,

- on 27.7.20, acquired the fruit-bearing business branches of the Emilia, Adriatic, Central-South, Tirreno Agricultural Consortia,

- 1.9.20, extended the powers of chief executive officer and chief executive officer, with the attribution of extraordinary remuneration to them

(3) Regarding the CDP equity bond loan to Bonifiche Ferraresi, see https://www.bfspa.it/files/00210/bfspadocumentodiregistrazione.pdf, page 73

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