Types of honey

Mixed flower honey

Mixed flower honey

Mixed flower honey, many types of goodness

Mixed flower honey is one of the most common and well-known kinds, as unlike other types of honey, it is of no specific origin. Mixed flower, or “polyfloral”, is, as the name suggests, made of a natural mix of pollen from the various plants of an area. It is precisely this abundance of varieties that gives value in the context of Italian excellence.

Mixed flower honey is produced throughout all the regions of the Italian peninsula. Consequently its sensory qualities vary according to which flowers the bees visit. There may be a range of variations in the colour relating to the different habitats.

Mixed flower could be considered the quintessential Italian honey, found on everyone’s table and in every cupboard, useful also for cooking and baking cakes. It is recommended as part of a healthy diet for growing children, and more generally for the oral cavity in order to treat coughs, thanks to its soothing decongestant properties. Among the numerous types of honeys in production is the celebrated version of Monti Iblei in Sicily, known even in the time of Virgilio, of a rich amber hue, and with a slight aroma of vinegar, pleasantly bittersweet.

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