Types of honey

Types of honey in Italy

The types of honey made throughout the Italian peninsula number well over fifty: 55 billion bees and 50 thousand beekeepers producing quality products, from mixed flower to certain citrus fruits, all with a variety of properties.

Indeed the Italian product stands out for its extremely high standards, that, thanks to strict controls, is completely free of any trace of pesticides or veterinary drugs. Many kinds are associated with an authentic label that identifies its qualities and certified origin. The various types include: mixed flower, linden blossom, thistle, carob, bergamot, asphodel, strawberry-tree, lavender, alfalfa, apple-blossom, hazel, bramble, chestnut, rosemary, thyme, orange-blossom and numerous others. Each one boasts excellent health benefits, and their colouring and characteristics will vary depending on the type of tree or plant.

Among the diverse types of honeys produced, mixed-flower is often recommended for treating a cough due to its soothing and decongestant properties, and can also help with anaemia, while out of chestnut-blossom the bee manages to produce a real tonic for the circulation. Acacia, meanwhile, is popularly used to detox the liver and treat excess stomach acid.

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Types of honey

Mixed flower honey

Mixed flower honey, many types of goodness Mixed flower honey is one of the most common and well-known kinds, as unlike other types of honey, it is of no specific origin. Mixed flower, or “polyfloral”, is, as the name suggests, made of a natural mix of pollen from the various...

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