Honey recipes

Honey recipes, from grog to the Romans

Honey recipes begin in Roman times and continue right up to today, taking in the renowned grog recipes and culminating in creations that bring out its unique properties, such as sweet and sour meals or classic Italian cake recipes.

The cuisine of ancient Rome included numerous dishes where the main ingredient was honey. Recipes like sweet-and-sour olives, “sala cattabia” that was an early version of bruschetta, rosebuds, carrots fried or with cumin, drinks made out of rocket or ginger and, lastly, Falernian wine, sweetened with this celebrated substance.

Famous honey recipes of gastronomy in Italy include: braised onions, pork loin, baked apples, salad dressings, and biscuits, for instance “brutti buoni”, that has a number of regional variations. Italian honey is also used in the production of vinegar, mead and similar old-style liquers, and even beer.

Grog is an international recipe in which honey and its antibiotic properties were essential for long sea voyages. Its invention is credited to captain Edward “Old Grog” Vernon (1684 – 1757), who realised that adding spirits and other substances to water would prevent it going bad.

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