honey grog recipes

honey grog recipes

Honey grog recipes, an elixir of many properties

Honey recipes. Here is an extraordinary drink, with curative properties for the initial stages of the flu. Grog, a legendary word passed down over the centuries, rooted in popular wisdom, accompanying sailors on their long sea voyages. It is also excellent today in the winter as in between seasons. Simply another example of the ways that the delightful world of this sweet substance can amaze us.

There are plenty of honey grog recipes online, but just one mentions the version created by Jean Valnet (1920 – 1995), one of the greatest specialists in the field of plant pharmaceuticals to whom are owed numerous important discoveries in the sphere of health. By carefully studying honey properties, plants and texts, the doctor devised a “medicine” available to all, effective against colds, and only partly similar to that used by pirates on their international travels. It is to Vice Admiral Edward Vernon, however, that we owe the invention of a recipe containing rum and lime, intended to prevent liquids going off.

The following is the method we would recommend: take a tablespoon of honey, add the juice of half a lemon and a glass of hot water (first left for 15 minutes with cinnamon and cloves). An easy way to enjoy honey grog recipes.

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