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Acrylamide, ABC of the new rules

The Regulation EU No. 2017/1258 ‘laying down mitigation measures and standards of supply to reduce the presence of acrylamide in foodstuffs’ provides a wide...

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Belgium, new food pyramid

The Flemish Belgium tackles in his own way the problem of obesity, overweight and NCD’s  related to unhealthy diets and junk food. Without introducing traffic...

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Amazon outlawed

Amazon outlawed. As we reported to the Italian Competition authority, the e-commerce giant blatantly violates the rules on consumer protection. Here are 18 new...

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Gorgonzola, Which Reds or Whites?

Gorgonzola comes to our tables in two varieties, either sweet or piquant. Both, however, boast a decisive character, and knowing the characteristics of each...

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Food sustainability

Flowers, not pesticides

Flowers, not pesticides. Saving honey bees and our ecosystem from toxic pesticides is possible thanks to wild flowers. Borders of spontaneous growths at the...

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Fake Alpine milk

Someone declares that milk comes from a theoretical ‘Alpine space’ which includes plains, seashores and city jungles, and someone says not. The Italian...

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GI’s, Italy is the world leader

Italy confirms the primacy on PDO’s and PGI’s. Data from Ismea-Qualivita Italy’s world record is strengthened by the number of PDO’s and PGI’s agri-food...