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aromatic plants in the house

Aromatic plants in the house, fresh herbs all year round

Aromatic plants in home? Nothing better to have traditional Italian herbs available even in the cold months. Easy to grow, "herbs" smell of the countryside and give great satisfaction in the kitchen.

All the plants should be placed near a window, away from radiators or heat sources. To make the idea of ​​a vegetable garden even more, place them in a wicker or willow basket and the effect will be guaranteed.

There are countless varieties of aromatic plants. Among the most used in Italy, it is very easy to grow basil and parsley at home, both of which are small in size. Sage, and in a more accentuated way rosemary, are plants that transplanted to the ground - in ideal conditions - become a fragrant but voluminous shrub. Frequent pruning is required to continue growing them in the pot.

Finally, irrigation must be dosed with care. Especially in winter, when plant growth slows down, it could favor the onset of fungal diseases or decree the death of the plant.

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