Food hemp, a valuable aliment

From cannabis sativa, or food hemp, are derived the precious hemp oil, and excellent seeds, two aliments that can effectively protect the well-being of our body. With the processing of the latter are obtained flours for sweet and savory doughs.

The food hemp cultivation in Italy sees a total area of ​​1,289 hectares of planting, by the work of 314 companies. The most involved region is Piedmont, but the leader province is Arezzo (data updated to July 2014).

It’s defined as “food hemp” a plant different by the one to obtain drugs (indica species), in which is found an almost absence of thc accompanied, however, by very important high values ​​of omega 3 and 6, vitamins and essential amino acids. The Italian Department of Health has recently praised its use, calling it a real natural vaccine for the physique that, when taken daily, would be able to strengthen and adjust the responses of the immune, nervous, hormonal systems.

The young Italian production of food hemp already has its trading of oil, flour and hemp seeds. The consumption of this oil can serve for the seasoning of salads and cold dishes, while the seeds are often used as a spice.

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Hemp oil

Hemp oil, excellent properties Hemp oil, a condiment obtained by cold pressing of the “Sativa” cannabis seeds, an oil with countless nutritional properties. Discovered recently also by the cosmetic industry, this seed oil has antioxidant, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory...

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