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Polyphenols, fruits and vegetables are the main sources

A diet rich in polyphenols extends life. Already known for their beneficial effects on health, the compounds naturally present in fruits, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil - the foods based on the Mediterranean diet - are now also associated with a drastic reduction in mortality.

La Research, published in the 'Journal of Nutrition', it was conducted in the Chianti area, in Tuscany, following 807 'over-65' men and women over 12 years. An innovative method was adopted, using biomarkers in the urine, to measure the daily intake of polyphenols. And there was a correlation between their greater concentration and a decrease in deaths, for all causes, equal to 30%.

The benefit is associated with a daily intake of at least 650 mg of polyphenols. An amount that can be achieved thanks to a diet rich in raw vegetables and fruit (grapes, in particular). To 'add years to life', and above all 'add life to the years'. Longevity and well-being.

Polyphenols, in many other previous studies, had shown antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protective properties against various cancers.

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