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Body mass index and cardiovascular pathologies, a research highlights the implications also in healthy subjects

Body mass index and cardiovascular disease, a dangerous relationship. Overweight and obesity are risk factors for the onset of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Even when all clinical values ​​are in order and one feels healthy.

Body mass index, eyes open

The research published in 'the Annals of Internal Medicine'.

Canadian researchers from the Research Institute at Mount Sinai in Toronto examined the medical records of 61.000 individuals monitored over a 60-year period. From the comparison, it emerged that the population with excessive body mass index (BMI, Body Mass Index) is more likely to get sick and die prematurely.

A little effort for big benefits

In the absence of pathologies, reduce body fat e check your BMI it is a challenge that can be won. By putting the respect of a varied and balanced diet at the center of everyday life - without sacrificing taste - and practicing regular physical exercise, essential for reactivating the metabolism numbed by sedentary lifestyles.

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